14 thoughts on “Why everyone should learn to invest in the stock market”

  1. True it good to know how it works, silver, gold, copper, others forms of storing wealth historically have to be considered.

  2. I got into the market because of Dr. Boyce Watkins. I use Acorns, Robinhood, and Stash apps, went through a market corrections and made my money back and then some profits. I learn a lot from Dr. Boyce just watching his videos and break down the financial terms so even a high school dropout would know what he's talking about. Black people should learn how money works and make money their slave instead of being a slave to money. I'm in my 40's and I'm in the market, I'm telling those who are in their 20's and black, start investing now, use any retirement plans like 401k, IRA, education retirement plans on your job or if your self employed get a IRA and 401k. Don't leave free money on the table if your working on the plantation, if they have a retirement plan, take full advantage of it, my uncle just retired this year, debt free, good retirement plans. If your job don't have any retirement plan go to the bank and open an IRA.

  3. APPLE is now worth $1 Trillion Dollars…. WOW!!!!! $$$$$ Keep-up the excellent work Dr. Watkins…


  5. Damn bruh u need more videos on this…4 mins aint cutting it lol….you need to drop more of these videos again and let go of the monkey shit thats attracting these new fools respectfully…unless your content is only on website now?

  6. Kevin preacher on Facebook friend me follow me and join me please find it in your heart to bless me with a little bit more knowledge on this subject

  7. Stock market is about to crash, along with the US dollar. Find a solid crypto or if you want a safe investment, look into precious metals.

  8. Ahhhhh my top of topic look at my avatar lol…..Banked on a bunch of stocks this year….My sleeper is unvc a pre startup weed play. …swrm my gamble stock play since gambling is legal its still iffy but ill risk it with my overtime money…vate is a hemp play…Hemp will be legal due to Mitch Mcconell..Hemp was included in the senate's version of the farm bill but the house version did not include hemp…The final bill will need to goto committee and should be signed into law before sept 30th by Orange face carrot top…I have a couple others. ..Looking for cheap oil stocks since Iran is threatening to cutoff a key port of entry for oil distribution….Also crazy carrot top might be cutting taxes on capital gains..Woohoo less taxes I need pay on my stock profits this yr. ..

  9. $5 per day to invest. That is $150 per month and over $1500 per year.. It's over 18000 for one year

  10. THE hottest stock out HAS to be Intercontinental Exchange(ticker symbol: ICE). This company owns the NYSE and is about to help cryptocurrency absolutely BLOW. Do your due diligence, Derrick did…

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