US Stock Markets & Cryptos Crashing… Is This The Big One? Jeff Berwick on FSN

US Stock Markets & Cryptos Crashing... Is This The Big One?  Jeff Berwick on FSN
Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Kerry Lutz for the Financial Survival Network podcast. Topics include: the North American Bitcoin Conference, the crypto-bubble pops, a much needed cool off period, all bubbles caused by central bank money printing, problems with Bitcoin, Bitcoins rivals, privacy coins, the crash is just a side note to main events, crypto as asset protection, making stock markets obsolete, the technology is here to stay, parallels with the dotcom bubble, big buying opportunity, one world currency, Freemasons, numerology, the upcoming TDV Summit.

The Dollar Vigilante’s Internationalization & Investment Summit web page:

Anarchapulco 2018 is sold out but you can catch the live stream at: http://anarchapulco/livestream

US Stock Markets & Cryptos Crashing… Is This The Big One? Jeff Berwick on FSN

20 thoughts on “US Stock Markets & Cryptos Crashing… Is This The Big One? Jeff Berwick on FSN”

  1. recieve a mark on your righty hand (public address), or save you bitcoins in memory (forehead)

  2. Welcome to Mexico amigo. Sorry about the corrupt cops down here. Mexico will be a safe haven for millions of Canadians and Americans escaping their overreaching governments.

  3. Feb 2nd was also day after Imbolc (Gaelic holiday) known for divination and for the Goddess known as groundhog's day in US, and was also a Super Blue Blood Moon.

  4. Have you researched DENTACOIN at all??? You laughed it off but I know many people in the dental industry who think it will have major utility in many ways…. Curious to hear you or anyone else's counter thoughts…. thank you!

  5. It is all a fast, promoting something they have invested in, they have stolen the Brand Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cast, don't worry Bitcoin will fight back as the original coin. Bitcoin Cash has so much problems, it will be their coin that will suffer next, so watch out everyone. Be ready when it does. It is Bitcoin that put them there, it is about how they stolen the Bitcoin Brand.

  6. Welcome to the world of illusion. Everything not grounded in faith, and Yeshua, isn't worth the time of day. The only real thing is the Lord. When I died on March 31st, 1986, and went to Heaven, I had the incredible Blessing to see, and witness, what is True and what is real: God, His Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Good Angels, and His people who Believe….Everything else is just a distraction. Check out Jason Goodman's channel, and listen to Quinn Michaels take on cryptocurrency and AI, in others words: it is the Beast system. There is no future in it, at least, none that is connected with the Light of God. Something to consider, for sure.

  7. I truly admire and respect your vulnerability and honesty Jeff. I definitely agree that understanding the origin of our purpose, creation, and destiny, will lead us to knowing our Creator!“If I find in myself desires which nothing in this world can satisfy, the only logical explanation is that I was made for another world” -C.S. Lewis

  8. TY for bringing up the illuminati, Rockefellers and their antics!
    And TY for all your work on getting facts out and decentralization!
    The cabal is definitely planning and plotting.

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