Trump Scolds Stock Market

Trump Scolds Stock Market
This f*ckin guy… Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure, and Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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“The US president is finally reckoning with an important fact: the stock market is not the economy.

Trump doesn’t appear to accept this, however, or understand how the market works.

Yes, the unemployment rate has continued to fall, as the US adds more jobs each month, and the outlook for economic growth looks robust. Wages are increasing, too. All good news.

In response, US stocks experienced their worst week in two years.
On Feb. 5, the Dow plunged more than 1,000 points—the largest point decline ever during a trading day. The S&P 500, the composite index of 500 large American companies, declined more than 4%.”*

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure, Mark Thompson

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure, Mark Thompson


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Trump Scolds Stock Market