Today’s news are about potential and actual GDP, how can that lead towards a recession. Then a little bit about the Japanese economy and how it is not really sustainable due to the debt. Switching to Italy as the first potential crack in the house of cards and then discussing the video that crashed Amira’s stock price.



  1. I have been thinking all the central banks of the major economies have been injecting more money into the systems, and there is not much inflation . Is it because most of the world trades are settled in these countries' currencies? This way when they devalue their currencies together in the same pace, the general level of prices for goods and services remain the same? and this is why only asset price appreciation has been the result of QE. Are we in a sense robbing the rest of the world?

  2. I can't tell if everyone on youtube are market movers or just good at reading company information, that goes for alt coins too. Nice accolade.

  3. In a couple of months – years your channel will move FB up and down based on your analyse

  4. I do not think that Japan's demographics are necessarily such a bad thing – an older population means less cheap labor which will encourage more investment in automation, robotics and AI which may very well in the long run be much more beneficial. And even though GDP may be slowing down (in the short term at least), is that really the most important thing in the world? Less people means less pollution and damage to the environment, and no immigration means better preservation of their culture. It may make it a less enticing location for foreign investors, but if I was Japanese I don't think would really be crying much about that.

  5. Dear Dr. Sven,
    Love your video and always do my due diligence after seeing your proposal. That is not to say that i didn't lose in Amira. I have some questions to learn for the future:
    1) Do you think that a company that only puts out half yearly statements and doesn't have conference calls presents with more risks when then have bad earnings?
    2) I think you're right about the stock dropping after your video. But look if you look many views you had for that video, it was only 1.4k. Do you think your video was watched by such large shareholders that there was a large enough sell off to wipe out $40 mil in market cap, and if so do you think that price will rebound? What is your feeling about the intrinsic value of the company now?

    Please let me know, 
    Thanks from your avid viewer,

  6. Hi Sven, what about MOMO. While their q3 profit was good, the share value dropped. Do you think at the current value the share is a good investment?

  7. Sven the ANFI video on that day cost me a grand more. That's ok. I'll call it the cost of learning a valuable lesson.
    However someone on Stocktwits called you a "russian monkey" or "dutch monkey" for moving the market with a youtube video. I was like dang, Sven caused that much chaos. Lol. I actually loaded up more shares, next day when the bounce happened sold my shares, reduced my losses. Now that that market appears to have stabilized, and I did a little more research. I think the potential is still there… so bought a small position and will add up. Great video as always.

  8. Sven, Thanks for the daily videos, It takes a lot of time daily and we all appreciate it.

    As for ANFI, I put it on a watchlist, and will keep there.

    All you can do is offer your opinions in an honest and transparent manner, and let others make decisions.

    2018 is going to get Volatile, keep sharing your opinions and research, we are in for a bumpy ride, but the direction is UP !!!

  9. "If there is a serious question of the lack of a strong management sense of trusteeship for shareholders, the investor should never seriously consider participating in such an enterprise." – Phil Fisher
    Can't remember the other 14 points, but this last one carved in my mind.

  10. Sven, in your video about facebook, you mentioned how having an addicting factor can create a strong business model. I was wondering what you think of MTCH, they own, Tinder, and several other popular dating sites and apps. Seems a bit more moral than facebook, but is it overvalued?

  11. Hi Sven, I agree don't censor yourself, you are just sharing information. I also agree on your thoughts on cash. You are doing a great job! Thank you 🙂

  12. Hey Sven, thanks for another great video. Your content is so timely and spot-on! Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge and educate your viewers. Thanks for all you do!

  13. I have also wondered why Japanese Yen strengthens during crisis and is considered safe haven currency. I can see Swiss Franc being a safe currency. On Amira I did notice that the stock price fell around the time of your video coming out.

  14. I did not buy these shares, because I did not see that CEO is the person who can lift the company in another level. I still think that Mr.Chanana is the main problem, and the lack of cash is the just the side effect. Transparency of that company is extremely low.

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