20 thoughts on “Stock market remains fearless amid US leaving Iran nuclear deal”

  1. what about the market numbers for 5-15-18 give it to me straight so much winning lmao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 impeach fox and trump

  2. so hey fox = fake news , can we see today's market numbers 5-15-18 can you make this day a historic day 😂😂😂😂😂 like you were trying to impress the market on this video . another proof how the fox news just feeds good story's about Trump success in the market but 5-15-18 market really hit low 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Sanction the EU countries who trade with Iran. Let see who will start crying. Remember the PIGS countries, they will be first to fail.

  4. See u all 🇺🇸 will never wake up an see the world is a wake to u 🐂 💩 🇨🇳 an Russia have the master plan for u all or years say u all run the Soviet union out money now the table is a next way around 🇨🇳 with money 🇷🇺 with the best weapon u all fuck make isreal get all of kill like sore the Coke's brothers who say to nuke Iran the world see that what the say all best wake up even nuke wooden able to the sava the 🇺🇸

  5. Stop giving that country lifeline. They will straighten up in no time if everyone just stand firm.

  6. Macron's got no balls. Bet he gets money from foreign sources to keep the deal.
    Let the open border psychos fund them then…. EU took in so many terrorists disguised as refugees they are scared as shit. Too bad they don't realize that those terrorists will reproduce and increase in numbers in two generations.Sad to see EU nations go downhill.
    Imagine if in WW2 you started paying money to the Axis forces instead of going to war….. imagine how tragic that would turn out. Macron… FIND SOME BALLS! Hate the prick.

  7. The EU won't have a choice. Secondary sanctions and US technology reliance will force their hand. If the product they want to sell has one sanctioned product in it they can't sell the product to Iran.
    Airbus aircraft for example!

  8. Sorry world you can't s*** on us anymore you have to wait till we get a weakling leader

  9. 2 things Trump did here,
    1) Stopping iran from nuclear and missle development. Before Us withdrawal, Iran secretly developing their uranium and missle. Now, theyve publicly announce it to the world.
    2) Expose what Iran true relation with US. Now we can clearly see their real face and ppl want US to financial support this dogs whom chanted death to america? Really?

    So whos the bigger idiot here

  10. The US isnt the only nation against any more nuclear weapons being created. But peace only happens when both sides come to the table and agree on a viable agreement that all sides will stick to. Signatures on a contract are meaningless without the action to stick to the agreement from both sides. Continuing hostility after efforts to make peace makes past efforts meaningless.
    Sure it was a bad deal, but it was an agreement all the same.
    And when both sides accuse eachother of breaking the agreement.., well that just proves my point. Its a waste of paper!

  11. Unfortunately here in the EU we have to fight globalists! We have a lot to do but we will prevail! EU is nothing but a lot of fat old guys that live like princes in Brussels and decide our lives without having any contact with the REAL people. It’s a disgrace! But President Trump is working as a beacon to help us organise and fight the left rotten establishment.

  12. As if more reasons were needed to show the world why the EU should be dismantled. They want to continue trading with Iran and thereby strengthen Iran, and further endanger America and the free world (not to mention endangering European citizens), while at the same time they want America to provide the military power to protect Europe from Iran and it's allies like Russia in case of attack.

    This kind of short sighted and selfish backstabbing on the part of EU and European leaders needs to end.

    The EU and all European leaders seem to be trying to destroy their continent (yep, once again for the third time in only a century!) and it's time America stopped playing Mister Nice Guy with these corrupt leaders, they need a lesson taught. Funnily enough, I know just the man for the job and he happens to live in the White House!

    I'll look forward to seeing how President Trump shakes these losers up a bit. Popcorn at the ready! #Americafirst #USA #MAGA

  13. I like to see Trump supporters sending all their kids to war. That'll slow down their inbreding of morons. 😂😂😂

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