In today’s stock market news we analyse the market to see whether will stocks go lower and how much lower can stocks go. A stock market crash is very logical. It is not that difficult to find out if you are a long term investors as it is all about yield and earnings. We look at Treasuries, bonds, the FED and S&P 500 earnings.
I further discuss what has Ray Dalio, Bridgewater, been doing in Europe.
How emerging markets are hit in the selloff and how gold stocks have been hit too.



  1. I think you may be misinterpreting a little bit, but I may aswell: 1. Dalio's shorts dont mean he is bearish on stock market, he is trying to generate alpha in some parts of portfolio betting on rising interest rate sensitivity and european elections; maybe worst part of market adjustments are behind us, and he is adding to a position on bad price level, maybe not; as I recall he was wrong in 2016 and btw he is long EM if I remember correctly 2. Bond market tend to drop in anticipation for tightening cycle (same as strenghtening dollar – it rises in anticipation), If new neutral, as few experts point out is around 2.5% (they may be wrong ofc), then we are not far away from end of tightening cycle and no one is saying us 10y yield is going to 4.5% thats ridicilous IMO. 3. I think its wrong to expect that valuation metrics from last century have prognostic power, because we were not living in globalised world, I coudnt buy US stocks then, and financial knowledge was bad. Look at previous low in valuations – 15, its 3 times more than in 20' and 80'. 4. I dont think there is a strict, direct correlation with interest rates on gov bonds and stock market performance – see Japan. 5. Late cycle doesnt equal end of the bull market. Thats just my opinion.

  2. Good job, Sven. Btw. on January 3rd the Interbank loans volume sharply dropped to all time low. Perhaps it somehow relates to the topic.

  3. sven thank you for this amazing content!
    why is a company like bridgewater disclosing those bets?

  4. Hi, can you make video about coal stock,price and everything about coal market. Thanks

  5. Sven, can you talk about which currencies are best to hold in the case of a big decline, if one is sitting with a lot of cash.

  6. Not seeing a good reason to leave the market yet. Earnings are increasing, still early in rate hike cycle and we haven’t seen a treasury yield curve inversion yet. I’m staying the course for now but keeping an eye on indicators

  7. Good day everyone, mr.Sven as you see the bear market knocking our door, please make some videos about stocks that you think are a good short. Thank you in advance.

  8. Thank you for your videos. it's very instructive and i like a lot the synthetic way you do describe the events. May i just recommend you not to move so much your hands all the time please 😉 , it's just my personal feeling of course and all the everything else is perfect. ty !

  9. remenber when you asked about crazy investing a few days ago? I've found an etn TVIX that's long on volatility. Imaging a bear scenario, how high it can go and with kind of volatility? Is it only for short term (1-3 days) even in a bear market? do you know less stressing (with less pump and dump volatility) but highly profitable similar products?

  10. I am a beginner investor, I really like your videos and I believe in you as well 🙂 . Just for this video I got lost for a while in the middle of your video so maybe next time could you talk a bit slower when you are using technical terms. Thank you 🙂

  11. Hi Sven, if you think the stock market will crash does this mean that you sell stocks or do you instead increase bets against the markets like shorting or options?

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