European stocks on the rise, Wall Street down

European stocks on the rise, Wall Street down
European stocks on the rise, Wall Street down

US stocks are on the decline, despite strong bank earnings, despite reports of trade war tensions between the United States and China, geopolitical risks to Russia and Syria, as well as reports that US President Donald Trump will return to the Trans Pacific Partnership.

In the European stock market, which was opened yesterday due to the “Missile” tension and Fed minutes, the consumer price index in Germany rose by 0.49% to 12,475.54 points after rising expectations of 1.6% in March. Inflation in Germany was 0.4 percent monthly.

Dow Jones fell by 0.19 percent to 24,436.14 points, despite strong gains from US banks in the US stock exchanges, where Trump closed up the fourth day of the week with an increasing share of “I did not give a date” to relieve geopolitical tension. The S & P 500 dropped 0.20 percent to 2,658.58 points. Nasdaq fell 0.42 percent to 7,110.38 points.

Euro Böglesi After the February foreign trade surplus data, the European stock exchange is preparing to close weekly earnings for the third time.

In Germany, DAX rose 0.40 percent to 12,464.76 points. In France, CAC rose by 0.25 percent to 5,322.50 points. Geopolitical tensions and worries that the United Kingdom would be a potential conflict in Syria, the FTSE, which was negative in the first half of the day, rose in bloom and rose by 0.05 percent to 7,262.17 points. FTSE BIM increased by 0.30 percent to 23,374.96 points.

Asian stocks closed down mixed

In the Asian stock market closing with the geopolitical tension-depressions in the Middle East, Nikkei closed at 21,778.74 pounds with an increase of 0.55 percent, while the Shanghai stock exchange closed down 0.65 percent at 3,159.39 pounds in China.

In Hong Kong, the HSI closed down 0.07 percent at 30,808.38 pounds after it opened up, while the KOSPI in South Korea rose 0.51 percent to 2,455.07 pounds.

The MSCI index, which has risen to close to 25.0 percent since the beginning of the year, has risen with news that Trump will turn to TPP. Following the Asia-Pacific stock markets outside Japan, the MSCI index dropped 0.21 percent.

The dollar was valued against other currencies at a slightly lower geopolitical risk. Today, the dollar index has risen to 89.80, with 0.04 percent below the 90.00 band in the shadow of geopolitical tensions, awaiting Donald Trump’s re-trading agreement with Asian countries.

Due to the appreciation of the dollar, the euro / dollar pair is at 1.2325 level with a horizontal course. In line with concerns about the dollar’s trade war, the safe haven is at 107.51 yen, up 0.18 percent against the yen.

The 10-year US treasuries retreated by 0.011 percent to 2.823 after strong employment figures and Trump’s backward step on Syria.

European stocks on the rise, Wall Street down