European & Asian stocks slump as panic spreads

European & Asian stocks slump as panic spreads
European and Asian stock markets take a tumble after stocks went into free fall in the United States.
Main European benchmarks were down to nearly three-percent at open. The German stock market tumbled three-point-six percent while the Paris market tanked three-point-four percent. The London stock market also fell three-point-five percent. Meanwhile, shares tumbled in Asia with Japan’s Nikkei index closing down four-point-seven percent on Tuesday. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng also plummeted nearly five percent. This came after the Dow Jones Industrial Average suffered its biggest decline since 2011. The Dow plummeted more than eleven-hundred points, or four-point-six percent, in trading on Monday. The sell-off is partly blamed on a possible hike in the interest rate. In reaction, the White House said President Donald Trump was focused on long-term economic fundamentals, which it described as exceptionally strong.

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European & Asian stocks slump as panic spreads

7 thoughts on “European & Asian stocks slump as panic spreads”

  1. so much for "panic"
    Asian markets are on roids having a retard rally like the USA did on 2/6
    sick of this shit

  2. If a depression happens then Americans have a duty to hang our treasonous politicians on the left and right

  3. These people, we call leaders are no such thing! From the Presidents to MP to the Congress and Senate they all think of themselves as the RULERS of our lands… They meet in secret in their FREE MASON Temples where they practice their RELIGIONS of deceptions, Yet they are the Fools, they are the Profane, and even the Majority of these FOOLS do not know the Earth is Flat and covered with a Dome just as the Bible teaches! Is it no wonder they Mock Christ Jesus in their TV MATRIX? Is it no wonder they deny the God of the Bible, as they say we evolved from goo and some MAGICAL Explosion called the Big Bang? They have told us since children what to believe while they control the Magazines, the Books in our Schools, and the TV Shows that are all deception of WARS that kill innocent families while these GENTILES pretending to be White People Jews say it is a WAR ON TERROR? No… It is a WAR of Terror from Vietnam to Syria to Yemen… They have bombed little children while mothers hold their babies as they die from this thing they call the ART OF WAR… They call us Collateral Damage when we know damb well they killed them people with intention! I will not join the Military, nor will I support FREE MASON Cops and their FREE MASON Judges who RULE all our small towns, villages, and Mega Cities! JADE HELM 15 never went away, it just went undercover as the FREE MASON UNITED NATIONS, and with their FLAT EARTH FLAG they say we must die, so they may live… Be fooled no more by the TV MATRIX with all its lies about Space, and Galaxies, and Expanding Universes! There is nothing from the God of the Bible that teaches such things… Just know your RULERS aka Presidents, Kings, and Queens all know the Earth is Flat and covered with a Dome, so they could make you bow down to them as your Masters and Lords…

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