Emerging Market FALLING FAST! Turmoil Could Spread To U.S. Stock and Bond Markets!

Emerging Market FALLING FAST! Turmoil Could Spread To U.S. Stock and Bond Markets!
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Emerging Market FALLING FAST! Turmoil Could Spread To U.S. Stock and Bond Markets!

20 thoughts on “Emerging Market FALLING FAST! Turmoil Could Spread To U.S. Stock and Bond Markets!”

  1. Do you think tech stocks, specifically the FANG+ stocks, are the reason why the U.S. stock market hasn't fallen?

  2. The reason US equities have been moving higher since 2011 is the global macroeconomics events outside the US as international capital flows especially from Europe have been converting to dollars then parking especially in the Dow. Armstrong Economics computer models forecast this in 2009 with the Dow going to 22,000, then 23,000 and onto around 40,000 as capital flight continues to move to the US. Drahgi and the ECB has destroyed the bond markets there, the traditional banking system and whole economies with negative rates. There has been a bitter fight with Yellen and Draghi since he went negative as she knows rates must normalize in the US or pensions and other major institutions will run out of capital. With capital fleeing Europe moving the dollar higher Yellen raising rates causes more dollar strength but she has no choice. Let's face it, where are you going to park capital? In EU banks? Italian, Spanish or even German bonds? Europe is broke and they know it and the FED knows it and this has caused enormous problems for Yellen.
    Now the computer models forecast as we move to the end of 2018 the ca[ital flight out will again accelerate and by 2021 all of this comes to a head. The EU, euro, many banks, corporations and countries will not survive in their present form. What we are seeing now is just the tip of the iceberg as all EU countries who took in migrants completely underestimated the cost on top of failing economies. To say the shit is going to hit the fan there is a huge understatement! The reason Greece's bonds are lower than Italy is that the ECB stopped for a period of not buying the Italian debt. Greece is backstopped by the ECB. Draghi and trhe ECB knows they must stop QE and go back to normal rates and if not the euro will collapse even faster. The only group left to buy the debt is the private sector and they will demand much higher rates for the risks and the cost of default insurance. Just look at what happened recently with Italian yields spiking higher. As Martin Armstrong says you have seen nothing yet as eventually rates there will spike higher and faster than anytime in history. Spain's pension fund will run out completely by the end of 2018. This has over 67 billion euros a few years ago and was taken to fund the Spanish government and to pay refugee cost. What did the new president just do? Agreed to take in more which Italy and Malta just refused. All of France's cities are broke due to migrant cost. Over 50% and rising are German cities are broke from migrants. German health agency announced a few days ago it "underestimated" migrant health care cost and now is over 3 billion euros in the hole. Folks this is happening all over the EU as they are completely broke and cut off from capital markets.
    I thought it amusing when Armstrong Economic announced that even EU officials ask for an emergency meeting with them also with many central banks and government officials there. They have all finally realized the end is near and no more gravy train. Even the MEPs in Brussels are running out of their pension fund.
    There is an old saying, "Follow the money!"

  3. The markets will get higher again before they purposely crash them, no doubt a black swan event like a huge false flag 911 style or WWIII will be the trigger for this collapse, until then they will keep the illusion going…all the world is a stage David, when you identify that it will all start to make sense.

  4. I think the people of these countries r dumb to put their luxury over national interest. Just ban FAANG products i.e Fakebook, googly, Applee, Netflik, Amzon for 1 year better unsubscribe from them.Then see what will be the value of this dumb companies stock value without users and US stock market. Dollar devalues and debt decreases. This is called TECHNOCRACY.

  5. Let's destroy the Canadian and the UE Economies….. and let's make Russia and China Great again….

  6. I keep telling others to view your channel, nearly every day, every day. Few ever investigate- what a missed opportunity. By any other standard, I would consider most of these people as highly intelligent and successful. However, nearly all see this news as negative for their reality and amazingly don't care to know the proven truth- or it's following consequences.

    Lots of friends with lots to lose, but somehow they think they know it all already. Your channel is a toolbox knowledge, power and vision of the real financial world with relevant & timely info with references. But, these people can't see past their next "groundhog day". I can't figure it out… blinders and earplugs for all!

    Thanks for your good work, cheers!

  7. Looks like we are heading towards FANG company ads on the Colosseum, Parthenon etc. lol. Wouldn't that be a site. Almost as bad as seeing the Nazi flags in videos on iconic landmarks back in WW2.

  8. I am making money from the Stock market, you sell your book on Amazon, and you make a good money, do you think it means it is a fake money?

  9. "Schizophrenic" or totally jerked around to shake out the remaining assets into the open mouth of the devouring beast? That mark in the right-hand global cashless all-digital financial system IS going to prevail, (Revelation chapters 13 & 14) and then the mass-killing begins to achieve the Georgia Guide-Stone goal of 500 million in perpetuity. And the chilling thing is God-Almighty is going to allow that to happen after He has raptured to heaven those who are His bought by Jesus blood. We are on the cusp of this taking off. Do you have your salvation from God's judgement signed in Jesus blood? Best you do that deal with Him/Jesus.

  10. I'm tired of listening to clueless people. They deserve what they get got demanding that things are good.

  11. I'm always amazed at how much data you show us with charts! Thank you for always having such great information! This is definitely one of the best channels out there for understanding the global financial system. Keep up the good work =)

  12. The US is about to leave the globalists in the dust

    Every time Trump mentions steel tariffs, another steel mill opens up in the rust belt. Check out what just happened with US Steel in Granite City, Illinois. They were shut down in 2015 but they reopened in March 2018 and just added another 300 jobs.



  13. Any thoughts upon commoditys?
    Would like to know thoughts about coffee 🙂
    Will they put a Total crack down to all? Gold gonna crack for sure so thats not safe..
    But as we look at the comd; Corn, coffee,.. we see a big boom or a flop.. but Will they profit of iT to crash iT all?

  14. China is slowing and emerging markets are as well. The USD is rising because the assets it trades against are falling. All the while the interest rates are trending upward. This is trouble for all USD denominated debt in foreign countries.

  15. Hi, David. Do u think the Italian bond drop is related to the wee bunk ran @ the w/e?

  16. What a sham. No accountability, no assurances and if they fail the governent will bail them out and slap them on the wrist.

  17. If I don't prefer to keep cash in my bank, what safe options are there to avoid the crash?

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