Dr Boyce Watkins: The stock market is on a tear and black people are missing out

Dr Boyce Watkins:  The stock market is on a tear and black people are missing out
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Dr Boyce Watkins: The stock market is on a tear and black people are missing out

20 thoughts on “Dr Boyce Watkins: The stock market is on a tear and black people are missing out”

  1. Buying Quality Stocks at or below their 52 week low also mitigates risk as well. Finvizdotcom click the screener, then click the Fundementals Tab. Find ROA click >15%, Look to the left, then click on ROE >0%, Then ROI >0%. Notice the stocks that show up on the list. Now click on the word Price on top of the Price column. Click Price until it shows the cheapest price to (Descending) to Higher Prices. The top few companies will be Quality Penny Stocks that you might want to consider buying.

  2. :How many folks own an ICBM?   . . .about investing in the stock market.  An old adage has it as follows: "When the shoe shine boy begins giving advice on the stock market, the time has come to get out."  Question:: Why is the stock market soaring? Answer: There are two major sources for the current rise in the market. ONE: comparatively low interest rates and TWO: strong inputs from public and private institutions.  (Yes, interest rates–recently–have been rising.)

    ONE:   Low interest rates are of Central Bank origin.  That means the CONSORTIUM of LARGE U.S. lenders, (BTW: the same crooks that brought us sub-prime lending.) including  U.S. banks MAY RAISE interest rates THUS potentially contributing to an adverse downward affect on the market and, in the end, an adverse affect on THE YIELD obtained by investors,  remember, the low-end investor does not have much flexibility. Brokerage fees can be expensive,  


     TWO: Major stock holders and directors of large corporations are intentionally DRIVING UP stock prices by purchasing their own stock.  The buy backs are in response to  large institutions. Many public and private institutions  are pouring $billions into  corporate stocks. (in-flow from pension funds, for example) Stock prices soar!   Small investors should be acutely aware that corporate insiders  may-at some future date-  spring a trap by jointly selling off sizable percentages of their company's highly valued  stock. The huge volume of sales makes the corporate insiders rich,, but also drives prices down.   Result: small investors and  institutions, including folks relying on their pension, are cleaned out.  

    Also there are mergers, corporate raiders, a tendency towards oligopoly, a weakening dollar, industries moving abroad, bankruptcies, and many, many additional considerations confronting the small investor.

    While Jesse Jackson's words may not apply directly to this particular discussion, I do think he gives us a great insight into what's wrong with our values as well as our economy.    Jesse jackson(.Paraphrasing,)  He asked his audience, "How many folks own a VCR?"  Many in the audience raised their hand?  Next, Jesse asked, "How many own an ICBM?" No one raised their hand.  "That's the problem," said Jesse "We are making what no one else is buying."

  3. Both Dr. Boyce Watkins and Tyrone Jackson the wealthy investor are 2 black successful black men I know of that are the real deal in educating you in the stock market.

  4. the only thing I have about this title is that there is only 13 to 15% of us and these here United States so let's examine some of the facts of this title first of all 3% of us they say are locked in jail another 2% of us are mentally ill in the head in physically so that leaves another 7% of children and babies now what we have here is those that are not worthy of trust in the market because of how they have been raised and then at least the rest of us that are in the market and then that leaves also those of us who wished not to be in the system of money because it's money is not their God and then you have the religious ones that are pretty confused so I think we should stop bashing each other over the head with the word black people black people in America I think we have done a good job on all parts where there be negative weather be positive it just goes on what you think is negative and what you think is positive because when you look at everything you going to live and you going to die and that's it it's a wrap peace enjoy your life and do whatever you'd like to do. but also the people that buy Air Jordans and listen to rap music and that are very commercial I definitely understand that but if the United States is only 5% of of the world. think we just love battering ourselves I think it makes us feel good to tear one another down that's the mental illness we have as so-called African Americans are black people are melanated people and so on and so on so I have basically learn if you tear one another down more people actually listen to you wow.

  5. Dr. Boyce, thank you. I bought AMD at 12.66 & now it's over $15.00. I'm selling & taking profit. Will then buy on the dip.  Thanks so much for the lessons.

  6. I'm in the 30% that is listening Dr. Boyce!!! thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  7. What model should we follow in order to have a diversified portfolio that will minimize our loss?

  8. Telling people to invest now would be a most unwise decision. The market is literally on the point of crashing. Its like investing in tech stocks in the beginning of 2000. The fact there are videos out there like this just proves that we are in a bubble.

  9. I agree with him to some point if black people stop using the money on frivolous items and maybe invest a little bit in the stock market and see what the benefits will be in the short-term if they worried about the long-term

  10. I am invested in the market and making money off Trump. I voted for Hillary Clinton. Conclusion, it does not matter who is president.

  11. can u teach me how too be a day trader? in the stock market….thats the part I wanna learn

  12. Dr. Watkins you should consider following Dr. Sebi's nutritional guide and look at all his videos on youtube and learn from them! Keep doing what you're doing! You're teaching me things I should've learned from my father.

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