Dr. Boyce Watkins on Why African Americans Avoid Stock Market

Dr. Boyce Watkins on Why African Americans Avoid Stock Market
http://www.vladtv.com – Dr. Boyce Watkins weighed in on the perceived fear of investing in stocks held by many African Americans during a recent chat with VladTV.

The famed social commentator believes slavery is responsible for why many African Americans don’t mess with the stock market. “Slavery kind of beat out a lot of our ambition and desire to try new things,” he explained. “Remember, on the plantation, if you went too far out of your comfort zone, that could get you killed.”

As the topic changed to the importance of ownership, Dr. Watkins explained his quote, “Own the land on which you stand.” “Own something. Either own something or somebody’s gonna own you,” he clarified.

Check out the clip to learn more, including Dr. Watkins’ opinion of DJ Vlad’s belief that owning a house is “one of the biggest scams ever created.”

Dr. Boyce Watkins on Why African Americans Avoid Stock Market

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  1. So ur gona tell me the black man was trained from birth to work for a white man and culturally still feel the pain from slavery. Well im white and i dont know any white people raised to have black men work n make there money for them. U can blame slavery all u want it was a mistake but all this racism is bs n it sickens me to watch videos of people like u telling ur audience that the black man has a disadvantage we r all human beings.

  2. I swear I'm going to stop watching his videos lol (I only clicked because I was just watching Dr. Boyce Watkins). This guy CONSTANTLY advocates ONLY the stock exchange, but BASHES real estate on EVERY FUCKING INTERVIEW!!! 💯💯 THEN, he feels compelled to FORCE everyone to agree 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 I'm done dude.

  3. I think Vlad is missing one crucial point and this is very very critical most of us het 30 year loans because we don't have all the money up front think about that its no other way to get anything if you dont have the money to pay it off right away on the flipside if I had 100 or 20p thou in my pocket then things change.

  4. You CAN lose money investing in mutual funds. You need to watch it closely and change funds when necessary. There are fees associated with many of them. Companies are owned by shareholders and you can invest and be shareholder and receive a proxy to vote for and against the board of directors.

  5. Slavery has nothing to do with blacks not wanting to invest, majority of blacks have money cause they use it on Jordan's, sneakers, fancy clothes, weave and other luxurious items, the problem is alot of blacks don't know how the stock market operates and no one is there to teach them and the black people who are saying that blacks don't invest in companies should teach the ones that don't know how to invest to invest

  6. I’m just having a hard time to understanding his premise. Generally we’re psychologically scared of the stock market because we’ve been oppressed historically, yet the finance and banking industry is highly dominated by Jews? A group who has been oppressed throughout the beginning of Christ. We don’t enter the stock market because we don’t prioritize financial education. High schools are just now implementing Econ and finance courses which I’m glad for because it can have a great impact for the upcoming generations.


  8. He's pulling this out of his ass. When slavery was abolished many black people were ambitious to better themselves, earn money, buy their own home or farm, to educate themselves and their children. It's nonsense to say 150 years later that slavery is the problem.

    It is also fair to point out that 99 out of 100 white people don't own stocks and are not interested in getting involved in the stock market, and are afraid to get into it. Except indirectly through pension funds, insurance policies, 401K etc.

  9. Fast forward two years later… Vlad pulled the same stock (investment) vs real estate (single family home expense) on Jay Morrison. I'm still learning and not anti stocks but I can see the apples to oranges scenario.

  10. Stay away from those million dollar houses.  Buy back the black community, rehab and rent or lease with an option.

  11. Looking back at this and the new Jay morrison interview makes sense… Investing in stocks is great

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