Dr Boyce Watkins: Is stock market investing contributing to white supremacy?

Dr Boyce Watkins:  Is stock market investing contributing to white supremacy?
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Dr Boyce Watkins: Is stock market investing contributing to white supremacy?

20 thoughts on “Dr Boyce Watkins: Is stock market investing contributing to white supremacy?”

  1. Why does a professional black woman or man always have to prove that have the knowledge that have acquired? Its ridiculous!

  2. We can invest with Africa and the Caribbean and be a strong super power. Cuba is waiting for us according to my familia.

  3. you can never get rich diversifying your portfolio Warren Buffet and Mark Cuban said diversifying is for idiots……..

  4. Goldmine of game in this video good sir. I've been watching hours upon hours of your videos. I've been a subscriber but I'm doubling down on the knowledge you're giving. Thank you Dr. Boyce!

  5. …..Should explain the benefits of index funds, the inverse relationship between the price of gold and the stock market and how a short sale works in an inflated market.

  6. Boyce, Africa is booming right now. 7 of the fastest growing economies on earth are in Africa. Africa has their stock exchange, they have companies on The NYSE, and they trade with other nations globally. Ivory Coast is the largest producer of cocoa on the planet. That's a fact.

  7. The New York Stock Exchange is a creation of slavery, it was built off our blood. And Boyce, I'm happy to see that your successful from teaching our people about investing and wealth creation and that the black community is supporting you because they love you.

  8. Stock Market investing is not contributing to white supremacy. The stock was built off chattel slavery. So we should cashing in more than anybody else.

  9. Vanguard and Fidelity are huge shareholders in private prison corporations like Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group. If you contribute your money to them, you are supporting the prison-industrial complex.

  10. Everything is controlled by the same White Supremacists who are oppressing you, so don't expect to get empowered by buying stocks, also the market is no different than gambling, remember, the reason why Trump got elected is because White people lost ALL their savings in the stock crash of 2008 and they went insane.
    If Black people really want to unshackle themselves they should investigate Bitcoin and invest in it. This is the money that scares the people of the dominant society because they don't control it and it takes their power away and gives it to the people.
    Dr Boyce Watkins is ignorant of this because he's part of problem i.e the system still got him.

  11. Dr. Watkins,  What do you think of the Millionaire Next Door Series of Books in terms of how Millionaires have been created?

  12. Don't waste time and money trying to pick stocks. The simplest way to by stocks AND diversify is to put them into a LOW FEE index fund. Index funds are mutual funds that have the exact same collection of stocks as various stock indexes, like the Dow Jones or S&P 500. The reason why you SAVE money this way is because the fees are DRASTICALLY lower. There is no portfolio manager deciding what stocks to pick and taking 2% of your money in fees for the service. Index funds will only charge 0.05% in fees. So an index fund charges FOURTY TIMES LESS MONEY than a standard mutual fund.

  13. Hey too all my people on this channel look up the prism program your eyes will be open

  14. Man, that site looks so shitty. Why cant we ever do stuff right? Sad attempt.

  15. Investing is white supremacy? But if we can use their system to get money to build your own then we need to start somewhere. Shareholders are the man as well common sense people

  16. My stepdad's Facebook account got hacked and the bot kept posting nasty pics to all his followers including church members. i contacted Facebook who is over hacked accounts. They told me to have him go through the online steps and it's still not taken down 2 months later. Facebook is a piece of shyt to do nothing after 3 attempts to politely/firmly ask and follow the steps for it.

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