Alan Newman: US Stock Markets in Topping Process Now, Followed By a 50% Crash?

Alan Newman: US Stock Markets in Topping Process Now, Followed By a 50% Crash?
Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed first time guest, experienced stock trader and editor at the Cross Currents stock market trading newsletter, Alan Newman.

Alan began professionally trading markets in 1987 and has been writing a paid newsletter for stock market traders for 28 years.

During this 40+ minute interview, Jason asks Alan if he thinks US stock markets are in a process and why? Alan thinks US stocks are in a long topping process now but that sentiment is too bullish among professional stock traders and professional money managers. Alan thinks that US stocks are long overdue for a 50% stock market crash.

Alan talks about stock market support levels to watch and he thinks that this is the most overvalued stock market of all time other than during the technology bubble.

Jason also asks Alan about gold and gold stocks and what quants and high frequency trading (HFT) have done to stock markets.

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Alan Newman: US Stock Markets in Topping Process Now, Followed By a 50% Crash?

17 thoughts on “Alan Newman: US Stock Markets in Topping Process Now, Followed By a 50% Crash?”

  1. Jason hands down this is the most informative financial news channel. Of course every channel has some level of opinion, but yours clearly states all angles incorporating real and suspect data, history, theory, sentiment, technicals, and activity from all investor types. The dark humor just completes it. 👍

  2. stock market cycles. long term debt with short term debt stuck to it. Sooner or later they snap right on queue. 3% debt yield. Listen to Ray Dalio

  3. WTF? is this for real? every real/pro trader watches the SP500- this guy doesn't know crap

  4. #Tech shares hit their session lows after Trump made his remarks on Thursday. Higher interest rates also pushing stocks lower. The Dow Jones industrial average closed 54.95 points low from its opening. #Cisco Systems and #Walmart can't stop the stock from dropping 3.8% and 1.9%, respectively even after their earnings report. Check the performance of all #Dow30 stock before market hour.#DJIA:

  5. Smoot-Hawley was extraordinarily high. Trump's most extreme wished for import taxes are far more moderate by comparison. US tariffs were generally very high from Lincoln through Hoover while America grew into the world's leading economy.. FDR's New Dealers ushered in the new policies of free trade, in part to appease the Southern vote (I am a native Southerner myself), which had no extensive manufacturing to protect and had favored free trade dating back to ante-bellum days. If trade taxes equal a trade war, then sales taxes on out of state internet sales constitute a trade war between the states, since it is just like a tariff levied by each state against the rest, yet even the opponents of such taxes (and I am one) do not say that it risks a financial disaster. The same principle applies to trade between nations. "Trade war" rhetoric is overblown and misplaced.

  6. Technical Analysis is bullshit. I wish the discussion would get more rigorous. To much valid research tells us looking at charts of what already happened tells you noting. News letter industry loves this nonsense though.

  7. Thanks for your great channel Jason, keep up the great work.
    Great interview! I tend to agree with the assessment. The company share buybacks have been a nail in the coffin for most individual investor. IE. Loss of price discovery.
    Alan was a great interview by the way!🙏👍❤️

  8. As long as the dollar keeps its trend, I’ve been happy riding that baby out. Been in that trade for some time now. I have my cash on the side with regards to stocks. I won’t get back in stocks until there is a meaningful crash/decline. With how many money managers are sitting in cash, that’s one of the best bearish indicators to me.

  9. Thank u for a great interview. Alan, i pray for you & your wife's health. God bless u.

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